Paul Wood
Paul Wood Title Card
Physical Appearence
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Birthday: May 5, 1999
Zodiac sign: Taurus
Professional Statistics
Clique: Heroes
Team: The six friends
Occupation: Student
3rd grade teacher (first time)
Relationship Information
Relatives: Dave Wood (father)
Millie Wood (mother)
Julian Wood (brother)
Sara Wood (sister)
Maria Wood (sister)
Friends: Brian Williamson
Emma McGoldrick
Julie Jones
Salli Henderson
Susan McGildrick
Enemies: Dogs
Chantel DuBois
Homer Simpson
Captain Barnacles
Kai Lan
Lord Business
Appearences and Voices
First appearance: Going to Eastfield Campsite
Latest appearance: TBA
Voiced by: Paul

Paul Wood is the one of two male member of the six friends.


Paul wears an orange shirt with a navy collar and a navy horizontal stripe. He wears teal trousers and green shoes. He has light brown hair, with a pair of white headphones as accessory.


Paul was trusting, smart, wise, brave, calm, and artistic.


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  • According to My character trivia, Paul is scared of dogs
  • According to The Woods trivia:
    • His parents' zodiac sign are Cancer.
    • He was born in Boreham.
    • Despite his fear of dogs, he has a dog of his own, named Tyson. Tyson was the only dog that he liked. Tyson is a Bulldog
      • He got his fear of dogs by being bitten by a Great Dane in 2005.
    • He has 3 cows and a bull, with the cows producing milk for The Woods.
    • His family have a lot of pigs, and he acts like one in his spare time, watched on by his parents Dave and Millie.
      • Millie even makes 'Special Human-pig-like' pellets, which he finds delicious!
      • His dad, Dave sometimes takes him to the pig sty to watch him act like a pig, and sometimes, it's his mum, Millie who takes him.
      • Once he is done acting like a pig, he takes a nice warm shower to wash off the mud.
    • His favourite movie is Charlotte's Web
    • His favourite TV show is The Amazing World of Gumball
    • His favourite artist is Lady Gaga.
  • His official channel name is PaulMate1999.
  • His shirt, notably, looks a lot like one of Alex Kimble's avatars.