Murray Clutchburn
Murray Clutchburn GoAnimate
Physical Appearence
Gender: Male
Professional Statistics
Clique: Heroes
Occupation: Piston Cup Racer
Relationship Information
Relatives: Maggie (adoptive wife)
Microphone (adoptive daughter)
Mike The Knight (adoptive son)
Friends: TBA
Enemies: Lord Business
Appearences and Voices
First appearance: Pit Stop Crew get in dead meat
Latest appearance: TBA
Voiced by: Eric
Murray Clutchburn
The real Murray Clutchburn

Murray Clutchburn is the race car for the Sputter Stop racing team.


He is a Stodgey Suaver EX that is painted dark green, with orange designs on his hood, roof and doors. He has the Sputter Stop logo on his hood, and the number 92 painted on his roof and doors. He also has an orange spoiler, black rims, and a black grille.

As GoAnimate version, He had a white hair with orange line, green skin, dark green eyeleashes, black eyes, black mustaches, green shirt with the orange line and belt, white pants with orange line, white socks with red line, and grey shoes with dark grey line.


In Cars, Chick Hicks causes a huge accident at the Motor Speedway of the South by bumping Winford Bradford Rutherford, who spins out of control and crashes into Murray. Soon, almost all of the competitors are involved, causing a threat to Lightning McQueen, but he manages to make it through the wreck by carefully avoiding all of the cars.


"Murray Clutchburn's first taste of competition was as a member of the 1984 gold winning Olympic test track relay team. You might recognize him from specially marked boxes of Wheelies Shredded Brakes! The momentum of the Olympics carried him straight into mainstream professional racing and a flourishing career in the Piston Cup series in 1985. Lauded for his classic image, Murray sometimes sports his signature exhaust side-burns that made him such a hit with the ladies back in the day."


Cars Information
Murray Clutchburn Information
Number: 92
Name: Murray Clutchburn
Sponsor: Sputter Stop
Voice: Eric


  • His official YouTube username is SputterStopOfficial92.