Koopalings pic

The Koopalings (Formerly Bowser's Minions, or simply The Koopa Kids) are a group of Super Mario Bros. villains who somehow portray themselves as the heroes who are protecting the world from Trouble makers.


In late 2015, the Koopalings left Bowser's army due to him 'treating them like dirt', according to Roy Koopa. This leads to them coming to Brackney and becoming the heroes, meeting other nice people like Sakura Oda, Haruka Kudo, Riho Sayashi and The six friends. They wanted to 'start afresh' after leaving Bowser's army.

They each have different adoptive families. Roy Koopa has Haruka Kudo and Benson as his family, Iggy Koopa as Sandy Cheeks and Kip as his adoptive family, while Lemmy Koopa has Sakura Oda, Baseball, Tennis Ball and Golf Ball as his adoptive family.