Dirkson D'Agostino
Dirkson GoAnimate
Dirkson as he appears in LB calls the triplets stupid
Physical Appearence
Gender: Male
Professional Statistics
Clique: Heroes
Occupation: Piston Cup Racer
Relationship Information
Relatives: Kanon Suzuki (adoptive wife)
Auto (adoptive son)
Lightbulb (adoptive daughter)
Marshmallow (adoptive daughter)
Friends: Winford Bradford Rutherford
Manny Flywell
Enemies: TBA
Appearences and Voices
First appearance: Pit Stop Crew get in dead meat
Latest appearance: TBA
Voiced by: Eric
Dirkson D'Agostino
The real Dirkson D'Agostino

Dirkson D'Agostino is one of the two race cars for the Trunk Fresh team in the Piston Cup Racing Series.


Dirkson is a Capitol Motors Verve XT that is painted light green and black, with the Trunk Fresh logo on his hood, and the number 34 on his doors and roof.


In Cars, Dirkson appears at the Motor Speedway of the South, and is first seen returning to the track from a pit stop. He is later seen in the wreck created by Chick Hicks.


"Dirkson "Dirk" D'Agostino discovered his natural racing talent while working in the graphics department for a small racing outfit. Running errands between buildings, he dodged all kinds of obstacles at insane speeds. One day Dirkson caught the eye of the race shop's owner, who fired the young upstart for what he considered reckless driving in the workplace, and rehired him as one of his pro racers, for what he considered a natural talent on the race track."


Cars Information
Dirkson Information
Number: 34
Name: Dirkson D'Agostino
Sponsor: Trunk Fresh
Voice: Eric


  • His official YouTube username is D'Agostino FreshTrunk