Billy Oilchanger
Billy Oilchanger GoAnimate
Billy as he appears in June steal Greg Candyman's Tyres
Physical Appearence
Gender: Male
Professional Statistics
Clique: Heroes
Occupation: Piston Cup Racer
Relationship Information
Relatives: Reina Tanaka (adoptive wife)
Pepper (adoptive daughter)
Tai Lung (adoptive son)
Friends: Greg Candyman
Enemies: June
Tex Richman
Appearences and Voices
First appearance: Tex Richman pushes Justin Thomas in the pond
Latest appearance: TBA
Voiced by: Brian
Billy Oilchanger
The real Billy Oilchanger

Billy Oilchanger is one of the two race cars that race for the Octane Gain team in the Piston Cup Racing Series.


Billy is a Sherpa Motors Iota GT that is painted orange, with yellow and black painted on his sides. He has the Octane Gain logo on his hood and sides, with the number "58" on his roof and sides.


In Cars, Billy is seen racing at the Motor Speedway of the South. During the huge accident caused by Chick Hicks, Billy finds himself face-to-face with Claude Scruggs, and the two laugh nervously, before they are both hit by other cars.


"It's Billy Oilchanger's dream to become a racing color commentator after he retires. He's watched all the greats, like Darrell Cartrip and Bob Cutlass over the years, and even practices announcing by calling the races out loud to himself while he's in them. It's great experience, though the other drivers find it distracting and a little creepy."


Cars Information
Billy Oilchanger Information
Number: 58
Name: Billy Oilchager
Sponsor: Octain Gain
Voice: Brian


  • His official YouTube username is Billy58 VEVO EDCP.
    • He's the only character to have 'VEVO' in his username.